Technical reports 2017

Report 28.2017 Random time step probabilistic methods for uncertainty quantification  in chaotic and geometric numerical integration
Assyr Abdulle, Giacomo Garegnani
Report 27.2017
Low-rank updates and a divide-and-conquer method for linear matrix  equations
Daniel Kressner, Stefano Massei, Leonardo Robol
Report 26.2017
Solving rank structured Sylvester and Lyapunov equations
Stefano Massei, Davide Palitta, Leonardo Robol
Report 25.2017 Numerical approximation of parametrized problems in cardiac electrophysiology by a local reduced basis method
  Stefano Pagani, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 24.2017 A posteriori error estimation for the stochastic collocation finite element method
  Diane Guignard, Fabio Nobile
Report 23.2017 Quantifying uncertain system outputs via the multilevel Monte Carlo method – Part I: Central moment estimation
  Michele Pisaroni, Sebastian Krumscheid, Fabio Nobile
Report 22.2017 Multilevel ensemble Kalman filtering for spatio-temporal processes
  Alexey Chernov, Hakon Hoel, Kody J. H. Law, Fabio Nobile, Raul Tempone
Report 21.2017-New An algebraic least squares reduced basis method for the solution of parametrized Stokes equations
  Niccolo Dal Santo, Simone Deparis, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni  old version
Report 20.2017 Multilevel weighted least squares polynomial approximation
  Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali, Fabio Nobile, Raúl Tempone, Sören Wolfers
Report 19.2017 Optimal explicit stabilized integrator of weak order one for stiff and ergodic stochastic differential equations
  Assyr Abdulle, Ibrahim Almuslimani, Gilles Vilmart
Report 18.2017 Symplectic dynamical low rank approximation of wave equations with random parameters
  Eleonore Musharbash, Fabio Nobile
 Report 17.2017  Hierarchical B-spline complexes of discrete differential forms
   John A. Evans, Michael A. Scott, Kendrick Shepherd, Derek Thomas, Rafael Vázquez
Report 16.2017-New Finite element heterogeneous multiscale method for Elastic Waves
  Assyr Abdulle, Marcus J. Grote, Orane Jecker
Report 15.2017 Effective models for long time wave propagation in locally periodic media
  Assyr Abdulle, Timothée Pouchon
Report 14.2017 A numerical investigation of multi space reduced basis preconditioners for parametrized elliptic advection-diffusion equations
Niccolò Dal Santo, Simone Deparis, Andrea Manzoni
Report 13.2017 An isogeometric boundary element method for electromagnetic scattering with compatible B-spline discretization
  R.N. Simpson, Z. Liu, R. Vázquez, J.A. Evans
Report 12.2017-NEW Multilevel Monte Carlo approximation of functions
  Sebastian Krumscheid, Fabio Nobile                    old version
Report 11.2017 Bounds for the decay of the entries in inverses and Cauchy-Stieltjes functions of sparse, normal matrices
  Andreas Frommer, Claudia Schimmel, Marcel Schweitzer
Report 10.2017 Continuation Multi-Level Monte-Carlo method for Uncertainty Quantifiction in Turbulent Compressible Aerodynamics Problems modeled by RANS
  Michele Pisaroni, Fabio Nobile, Penelope Leyland
Report 09.2017 A priori error for unilateral contact problems with Lagrange multipliers and IsoGeometric Analyis
  Pablo Antolin, Annalisa Buffa, Mathieu Fabre
Report 08.2017 Adaptative isogeometric methods with hierarchical splines: optimality and convergence rates
  Annalisa Buffa, Carlotta Giannelli
Report 07.2017 A posteriori error estimators for hierarchical B-spline discretizations
  Annalisa Buffa, Eduardo M. Garau
Report 06.2017 Biomenbrane modeling with Isogeometric Analysis
  Andrea Bartezzaghi, Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 05.2017 Incremental computation of block triangular matrix exponentials with applications to option pricing
  Daniel Kressner, Robert Luce, Francesco Statti
Report 04.2017 Complex blood flow patterns in an idealized left ventricle: a numerical study
  Anna Tagliabue, Luca Dedè, Alfio Quarteroni
Report 03.2017 Dual dynamically orthogonal approximation of incompressible Navier Stokes equations with random boundary conditions
  Eleonora Musharbash, Fabio Nobile
Report 02.2017 The index of singular zeros of harmonic mappings of anti-analytic degree one
  Robert Luce, Olivier Sète
Report 01.2017 A Hele-Shaw-Cahn-Hilliard model for incompressible two-phase flows with different densities
  Luca Dedè, Harald Garcke, Kei Fong Lam