A. Abdulle; G. A. Pavliotis; G. Vilmart : MATHICSE Technical Report: Accelerated convergence to equilibrium and reduced asymptotic variance for Langevin dynamics using Stratonovich perturbations. 2019-03-07.
Report 01.2019 Exponential decay of the resonance error in numerical homogenization via parabolic and elliptic cell problems
Assyr Abdulle, Doghonay Arjmand, Edoardo Paganoni
Report 02.2019 Isogeometric analysis with C1 hierarchical functions on planar two-patch geometries
Cesare Bracco, Carlotta Giannelli, Mario Kapl, Rafael Vazquez
Report 03.2019 A low-rank technique for computing the quasi-stationary distribution of  subcritical Galton-Watson processes
Sophie Hautphenne, Stefano Massei
Report 04.2019 Fast and accurate elastic analysis of laminated composite plates via isogeometric collocation and an equilibrium-based stress recovery approach
Alessia Patton, John-Eric Dufour, Pablo Antolin, Alessandro Reali
Report 05.2019 On maximum volume submatrices and cross approximation for symmetric semidefinite and diagonally dominant matrices
Alice Cortinovis, Daniel Kressner, Stefano Massei
Report 06.2019 A minimal stabilization procedure for isogeometric methods on trimmed geometries
Annalisa Buffa, Riccardo Puppi, Rafael Vazquez
Report 07.2019 Low-rank updates and divide-and-conquer methods for quadratic matrix equations
Daniel Kressner, Patrick Kürschner, Stefano Massei
Report 08.2019 Isogeometric Analysis on V-reps: first results
Pablo Antolin, Annalisa Buffa, Massimiliano Martinelli