Reports 2018

Report 12.2018    :   Fast QR decomposition of HODLR matrices
Daniel Kressner, Ana Susnjara

Report 11.2018    :    Random time step probabilistic methods for uncertainty quantification in
chaotic and geometric numerical integration

Assyr Abdulle, Giacomo Garegnani

Report 10.2018    :    A local discontinuous Galerkin gradient discretization method for linear and
quasilenear elliptic equations

Assyr Abdulle, Giacomo Rosilho de Souza

Report 09.2018    :    A Bayesian numerical homogenization method for elliptic multiscale
inverse problems

Assyr Abdulle, Andrea Di Blasio

Report 08.2018    :    Quasi-Toeplitz matrix arithmetic : a Matlab toolbox
Dario A. Bini, Stefano Massei, Leonardo Robol

Report 07.2018    :    Fast solvers for 2D fractional differential equations using rank structured
Stefano Massei, Mariarosa Mazza, Leonardo Robol

Report 06.2018    :    A continuation-multilevel Monte Carlo evolutionary algorithm for robust aerodynamic shape design
Michele Pisaroni, Fabio Nobile, Penelope Leyland

Report 05.2018    :    Quantifying uncertainties in contact mechanics of rough surfaces using the Multilevel Monte Carlo method
Valentine Rey, Sebastian Krumscheid, Fabio Nobile

Report 04.2018    :    Analysis of stochastic gradient methods for PDE-constrained optimal control
problems with uncertain parameters

Matthieu Martin, Sebastian Krumscheid, Fabio Nobile

Report 03.2018    :    Multi space reduced basis preconditioners for parametrized Stokes equations
Niccolo Dal Santo, Simone Deparis, Andrea Manzoni, Alfio Quarteroni

Report 02.2018    :    Modelling spatially dependent functional data via regression with
Eleonora Arnone, Laura Azzimonti, Fabio Nobile, Laura M. Sangalli

Report 01.2018    :    A fast spectral divide-and-conquer method for banded matrices
Ana Susnjara, Daniel Kressner